Swipe ‘n’ the City started as a way to commiserate about the up’s and down’s of online dating in 2017. We’re based in Austin, Texas and definitely don’t consider ourselves dating “experts” or “coaches” by any means but we’re here to bring some humor and camaraderie to the shit show that is dating as a twenty-something.


Editor + Podcast Co-Host

A big fan of Sex and the City, Marie started the original Swipe ‘n’ the City blog as a creative outlet to release some of the frustrations of using dating apps. She’s learned a thing or two over the years and while she is inspired by her friends’ experiences and her own, she likes to keep her focus more on dating tips and ideas than their personal stories.

Accompanied by her dog Luna and cats, Marie is still navigating the dating scene one date at a time.



Contributor + Podcast Co-Host

Michelle is a marketer, beer enthusiast, Pitbull mom, and pro-napper. She’s infamous as the team’s “extreme extrovert.” Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she’s newer to Austin but navigating the Austin dating scene nonetheless.



Podcast Producer

Mike the Producer may be a Marine, but don’t let that fool you; he’s just as sweet and caring as he is disciplined. The girls may have roped him into joining the team but secretly, they think he’s embracing it.

He’s a dog dad to two German Shepards and you’re more likely to find him at the dog park or jiu jitsu gym than spitting game at the bar.