Alright, so part of The Game is not texting him first or waiting a certain amount of time before replying, and the other part is overanalyzing whatever message we did or did not recieve. Amiright?

The fact is, not giving a fuck about the subtext of a text can make a huge difference in your life… dating and otherwise. IMO, there are better things to do than listen to that nagging voice in my head telling me that because he used a period instead of an exclamation point, he’s not ACTUALLY looking forward to seeing me tonight. The truth is, he probably wasn’t thinking about punctuation.

I haven’t always had this mentality, though. So one day I was poking around the Internet, killing time before allowing myself to reply to some dumb guy, and came across an article on Elite Daily: Do Not Text Him: 54 Things You Should Do Instead Of Texting Him.

So, I started doing the things and of course, writing about them. What started as a silly list of things to do because I was bored and unemployed actually turned into a cool “learning” experience (after all, #13 on the list is “Get some goddamn self-respect”).

Yes, there is allegedly something to that whole “hard to get” thing, but the point is… put your damn phone down and get out and do SOMETHING. You shouldn’t have to play some dumb texting/not texting game to get someone to “like” you. (Ironically, when you’re out doing things, you will likely not be checking your phone every other second and therefore, not reply right away.)

And if your fingers are really itching to text THAT bad, text your bestie and bitch about the dumb boy who takes forever to reply or just says “lol” or just dump him.

What are your thoughts? Think you could do all 54 things? Let me know!


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