It’s finally summer time!

While that does mean more time spent laying out by the pool, it also means that wedding season is in its prime.

With the wide variety of wedding venues, themes, and styles, it can be challenging to figure out what to wear. Do we dig through our closet, or should we just buy something new?

A great idea for all of our brides and grooms to be, is to let your guests know exactly what the expectation is when it comes to picking out their clothes for your big day. There are so many different expectations for modern day weddings that it’s important to let your guests know what they need to wear. Is your wedding formal, black tie, casual, come as you are? Whatever your flavor, list it on your invitations to save your guests the hassle or guessing. 

On the flip side of the coin, guests: It’s important to make sure that you are neither too formal, nor too casual for the event you’re attending. If the couple hosting asks you to dress formal, not showing up in a tie or wearing a sundress would be inappropriate. Just like you wouldn’t want to show up in a tux to a backyard wedding with a bounce house. 

All that being said, you don’t always know the dress code of a wedding before you go, so here are a few things to keep in mind either way:

Match the color of your belt to your shoes.

It’s not brain surgery, guys. It’s actually a really simple way to polish off your look.

This should go without saying, but white is reserved for the bride.

That includes a white dress with a colored pattern. Air on the side of caution; When in doubt, pick something else.

If you’re informed the wedding is Black Tie…


…Ladies, this typically means you should wear a floor length dress. Guys, this means you need to wear a tux (sorry not sorry).

Casual weddings have a bit more wiggle room…

It’s okay to wear a sundress if the wedding is going to be casual. Guys, you should wear a nice pair of pants or shorts, with a button down shirt or polo.

Formal dress code is between Black Tie and casual.

No ladies, you cannot wear a sundress to a formal event! Guys are expected to wear a jacket and a tie, and ladies should mirror their dress to that effect.

If you think something is too casual, it probably is. When in doubt, it’s better to go more formal than more casual.

You’re not going clubbing.

Do NOT show up to anyone’s wedding in ripped jeans or anything you would wear to a club on a Saturday night. Yes, we know it’s hot out and you should definitely take the weather into consideration when planning our outfit, but that doesn’t mean your dress should be so tiny, the photographer will need to blur photos captured of you so the bride’s grandfather doesn’t have a heart attack.

Having the right look for the big day, be it your own or as a guest, is important. We hope that these tips help cut down on the stress of picking out your outfit and focusing on having a wonderful time.

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