It’s almost that magical (or dreaded) time of year: The holiday season. While yes, the progression from pumpkin spice to gingerbread and peppermint is fun, we also get to experience the joy of all those festive family get-togethers.

If I could have a dollar every time an older friend, cousin, co-worker, aunt, or rando on the street asked me if I was seeing someone in that tragic tone (if you’ve ever been single in your twenties, you know what I’m talking about)… well, I might not be a millionaire but it would at least make a dent on my student loans.

The conversation ends the same EVERY SINGLE TIME: “Oh honey, don’t worry. You’re still young, you’ll find him!”

eye roll giphy

Personally, I like to shrug it off and retort with something along the lines of “who cares, honestly,” because, well frankly, it’s true. I like my life. A boyfriend (or *gag* husband) is really just a fancy accessory at this point. True love would basically be like always having the upgraded version of my phone… I don’t really NEED it, my current phone works better than fine… but it’d be pretty cool.

Whether we think we have a soulmate out there somewhere who will magically complete our lives or we just want someone to come home and watch Netflix with, I know that many of us are still looking for that one special person. But if we didn’t find someone in high school or college, dating in this media-infested world can be tough.

So, we put on our battle armor and venture out into the 21st Century Dating World. If nothing else, we can at least get a few good stories to share with our friends over happy hour out of it.

blair waldorf crown giphy



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