With the plethora of things to do here in Austin, why settle for the same shit?

If you’re meeting up with someone for the first time, a date can seem more like a job interview than something fun or, God forbid, romantic. If you’ve been seeing someone for a while, there’s also that chance that you and your sig other are comfortable visiting a handful of your favorite spots.

Can you say bo-riing?


Whether you’re on your first, third, or hundredth date, here are a few non-lame date ideas. You’re welcome.

Yard Bar

Even if you’re a Taylor Swift-level cat person, Yard Bar is F. U. N. Seriously.

There are dogs running everywhere, alcohol, and food, so if you’re sitting there in a bad mood… there’s literally something wrong with you. It’s a furry twist for a first or second date, since you get the typical dinner/drinks “interview,” but with built in conversation about the adorable animals running around you.


This is obviously much cooler as a date if one (or both) of you has a dog, but if you don’t, at least you don’t have to pay the $5 admission for your pup. If you DO have a dog, it’s also a great opportunity to let him/her screen your potential bae… because if your dog doesn’t like someone, you should probably NOT date them. That’s my rule, anyway.

Texas Stars Hockey

If you want to be basic, y’all can head to a UT football game, that’s cool and I won’t judge you. But if it’s hockey season, you may want to branch out and head to the HEB Center in Cedar Park to watch the Texas Stars.


Because hockey games are probably one of the best sports to watch live. They’re perpetually entertaining, even if you don’t really know what’s going on. So yes, if you don’t really care much for sports, you can still have a good time, just grab a beer and keep an eye out for Ringo the Ringtail, the Stars’ mascot. Voted Best Mascot in the AHL, his mere presence would make even a dud date extraordinarily entertaining.

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The Baked Bear

Why meet for a drink when you can meet for ice cream instead?

I worked at a Dairy Queen all through high school, so I have a LOT of loyalty to my soft serve Blizzards (and frankly, don’t typically like ice cream sandwiches), but this ice cream blew my mind.

The Baked Bear is a newer spot downtown, located ironically near Trader Joe’s. Break the ice (cream) and get a little messy… it’s impossible to eat these bad boys like a lady.

The Range at Austin

Disclaimer: This idea isn’t for everyone. Make sure your date is cool with shooting/guns before you just set up a date at the range (duh). 

It can also get a bit pricey, especially if at least one of you doesn’t own your own gun. That said, if one of you is experienced enough and knows gun safety, it can be a great way to bond and unwind a bit.

Bonus: You don’t even really have to talk to the other person because it’s loud and you have ear protection. But I guess if you want to, you can always grab a bite after, or maybe let them give you a few pointers (or, maybe you’re the one who’s bad ass enough to give shooting tips).

Located near downtown, The Range at Austin is basically a country club, but instead of housing a bunch of Richard Gilmore types who golf, it’s for shooting. If you need to rent a gun, there are TONS to choose from, and there are also different kinds of classes if you want to give that a try.

*Best of the West is also a great range if you’re looking for something more affordable or just prefer outdoor shooting ranges.

Brew Tour

The Austin brewery scene has made quite a name for itself… and with good reason! Spend an afternoon brew hopping on the East Side, so you can walk from brewery to brewery instead of drinking and driving.

Start things off at Hops & Grain, and make your way west. If you like sours, you can stop off at Blue Owl Brewing before meandering back down sixth street.

One spot you do NOT want to skip is Lazarus Brewing Co., and you’ll probably find yourself parked there for a while. If you’ve never been, the atmosphere is Austin perfection: Super chill vibes and an amazing patio, often with live music. Their food is amazing (not to bash the food trucks that park at other breweries… but this is WAY better). Their tacos are literally the best in Austin and I will argue to the death with anyone on that.

High 5

I’ll admit, I haven’t actually been to High 5… YET.

I’ve been looking for a place to bowl (not that I’m super great at it) as something new to do this summer, and most of the bowling options around Austin are less than impressive. High 5 has excellent reviews on Google, Yelp, and even TripAdvisor, so I’ve decided if there’s anything I’m going to suggest on this list that I haven’t done, this would be it.

If you don’t like kids, this one might not be for you… or at least make sure you go late so you don’t have to deal with them. 




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