In life and dating, there is one thing I know to always be true:

Friends first.

I mean this in two ways:

1. You and your besties form a team and no romantic (or otherwise) relationship should ever come before them. We’ve been saying this since high school.

2. Your significant other should also be on your team. Too often, many of us get caught up in the excitement and newness of dating a new person, and we forget to take the time to form a friendship. This bond helps you to build a firm foundation that will be there when the going gets tough. Your SO should be on your team too.

We’ve heard these truths and told them a million times over, but…

…how many times have we simply forgotten them?

I’m not getting on anyone’s case here. I’m just taking International Day of Friendship to remind myself and all of you to take a moment and remember who in your life helps give you strength.

So wherever you’re at in life right now, take a few minutes and listen to Noah Cyrus’ “Team.” It’s a beautiful song and will undoubtedly bring a few of your loved ones to mind.

Forget “squad goals” and thank your team today. After all, where would we be without them?


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