One of the most difficult paths on our quests throughout each and every relationship we pursue… platonic and romantic.

And arguably the most necessary.

Sometimes as I’m writing here, I’m working through things on my own… which is why I never claim to be an expert; just someone with experience who also loves to research. Trust is something that I am (and I think most of us are) perpetually working through.

Call me a cynic, but I believe betrayal is inevitable; it’s what we do with that betrayal, that lesson, that shapes each situation.

So, no matter what your situation is, here are a few tips from Psychology Today and yours truly, to help you overcome any trust issues.

1. Trust Yourself.

Before you go, “duh Marie,” hear me out. Many of us think we trust ourselves, but in reality, we doubt ourselves more than anyone else. If you’re afraid to trust someone, I believe you need to look inward first.

Why are you afraid? Yeah, some shit probably went down, right? But guess what: You survived. Remember that.

When it comes down to it, you need to go with your gut. If you second guess yourself… how do you expect that to work?

2. Forgive.

Again, duh. But how many of us say we forgive someone and in actuality… feel far from it? Yeah, I thought so.

To actually move forward in a relationship where you’ve been betrayed in some way, you have to not only forgive the other person, but also yourself.

This can be a struggle, and that’s ok. Take a moment. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Remember that we all make mistakes… and that includes you. Think. Reflect.

You’ll get there.

3. Move Forward.

Dwelling on the past is no way to continue a relationship. It’s crucial to let it go and move on. More importantly, moving on will do wonders for YOUR mental health.

4. Jump!

It’s fucking terrifying, but that’s ok. What have you REALLY got to lose, anyway? Let go of the fear and just go for it. IMHO, It’s the greatest way to continue and move forward in any relationship.

Since this is a synopsis of my experience mixed with Google Searching, here are a few sources for further reading… since I realize for some of you, this might not be enough:


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