Well, we’re about halfway through the season now and Pete still seems confused AF about what he wants. IMO, he’s still too hung up on Hannah B. to even be ready for a relationship, but WTF do I know? Thank God we at least have a few girls on the show who are willing to tell Peter he’s being disrespectful and basically wasting their time… but does he even care? It seems like all he wants to do is hook up with them.

Since the girls are basically running the show anyway, here’s my recap of who’s left and what they’re like thus far:


Oh, where do I begin? I’d rather not give her the attention of a long-winded post, so here’s the short: She might not be starting drama, but she’s definitely the cause of it. Her rhetoric wreaks of politics and the only one who can’t see that is Peter. GIRL, you got kicked off – go home!


I think she’s been on air maybe twice since the season started and there’s no way I could identify her without a picture.

Hannah Ann

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The New Year is calling my name 😉

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I have a few thoughts on Hannah Ann… I don’t hate her, but I also wouldn’t trust her if I were Pete.

Now that we know she’s got a bunch of former Bachelor contestants as her besties, it’s more and more obvious that she’s been coached and isn’t really “here for the flight reasons” as she said. Gag.

Kelsey may have been super petty about #ChampagneGate, but saying a few mean things to someone does not a bully make. My guess is this chick has never been bullied in her life… and most likely WAS the bully for other girls. Peter really needs to get over both Hannah’s in his life.


Here’s another nobody. We’re in week 4 and I still have no impression of her… how is she still around?


First off, based on the way he looks at her, I have trouble believing when Kelley and Peter met before the show, that all they did was meet. Fishy; however, when Peter asked if she thinks she made the right decision about going on the show, I do respect that she owned that this whole experience wasn’t really her thing, but she’d leave if she didn’t give a sh*t about him. She seems pretty real so I don’t hate her AS much. I still think she’s kinda boring though, worrying about her clients seeing her in lingerie… as if she’s actually gonna go back to practicing law after this and isn’t just going to ride the #influencer life (or maybe she won’t… her IG feed is the least “influencer-y” right now…).

I will say, I love that she called Peter out for his stupid “beard”… and that he shaved it the next day (he really should stop trying to grow facial hair).


Ugh. She annoys me more and more every time she gets screen time and her 1:1 this episode was so cringey. I can’t actually read any of my notes about her because other than being a fake drama queen, she’s boring as hell. I’m glad that champagne blew up on her face, it’s the perfect meme for everything and at least now she has a legacy.


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How about that ride in? @bachelorabc

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I don’t hate Lexi AS much anymore… but maybe that’s just because she hasn’t had much screen time. Pete seems to like her a bit (even though he forgot her entrance – LOL), so I’m slightly surprised she hasn’t been shown more. Maybe it’s because she’s not causing drama, or maybe it’s just because she’s forgettable… and being forgettable is just further proof that she’s not a true ginger.


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Rooftop Vibes

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Okay, Madison actually seems pretty sweet and genuine (minus that whole thing about creating her own fan account… but honestly, I’m not really sure what to believe with that whole thing so I won’t let it influence this too much). We don’t really know her TOO well, but she did meet his entire family on the first date… which, if this were the real world, would probably be a huge red flag. I’m not sure, but she might be one of the front-runners here. She’s not really involved in the drama (yet) and she made enough of an impression with Pete and his family that he even gave her a framed photo of him and his fam with her from that 1:1… that might be some Stage 5 Clinger shit IRL, but this is Bachelor Nation.


I was actually kind of surprised she didn’t get a 1:1 this week. I thought it seemed like Peter was into her, but then again, he’s into all the girls.


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Typical me 🤠

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Natasha is prob my favorite so far. She’s real AF and I’m glad she’s still around because she seems to say what everyone else is thinking and totally calls Peter out on his BS. She knows what she wants and TBH I wouldn’t be surprised if SHE dumped HIM (lowkey, she should… she needs a dude who also knows what he wants).


Ah, another girl we haven’t really seen much of. All I can say about Savannah at this point is that she still seems super basic. Shrug.


SHE CRIES SO MUCH. I’m proud of her, I think last night was the first episode she didn’t cry on! I was actually pretty impressed with how competitive she got in football. We haven’t really seen her hold her own, we’ve just seen her let everyone else steal Peter for a sec and cry about it. She showed she’s got some backbone this episode, but I think that might have made her extra upset about the tied score (but hey Shiann, at least you tried!).


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Pasión 💚

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I’m not really sure what I think of Sydney… she seems pretty outspoken and possibly a pot stirrer… but I think Peter likes having a bunch of girls fight over him, so he’ll prob keep her around for a bit.


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I swear I’m wearing pants

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Tammy MAYBE took the pillow fighting thing a LITTLE too seriously… but hey, at least she gave it her all. I actually kind of like her. She’s definitely a lot different than all of the pageant girls and models who were worried about breaking a nail during the football game and I’m here for it.

Victoria F.

I like that she’s awkward and has a dry sense of humor, but Jesus… she was the first girl crying and cries over literally EVERYTHING. She got second place in the fashion show and SHE STILL CRIED. Literally the most dramatic contestant ever.

Oh, and can we talk about that whole drama with her ex? I mean, Peter’s face was hilarious because it was like he was fully realizing that he’s actually just a pawn in some crazy game the producers are playing… but GIRL. Your ex is literally being paid to play a show for YOUR date. He has to watch you make out with a new guy while he is the entertainment. YOU WON. Stop crying!

Victoria P.

Victoria P. was my favorite until last night, since she was a little sketchy about the drama with Alayah, but I still really like her. She’s pretty down-to-earth and true to herself, which is refreshing for this show. She also has some depth and has been through some shit, so I appreciate her.

Her bar is set pretty low though, if Pete bringing her water after she vommed on the group date is the nicest thing a guy has ever done for her.


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