There’s nothing quite like music to remind you you’re not the only one going through shit. After all, that’s how most of our favorite musicians (*cough* Taylor Swift) have made their careers. It’s a great way to reflect, let go, move on, or dance.

My taste in music is diverse, to say the least, so I’ve created a few playlists and each should have something for everyone, for both music and dating “genre”.

Oh, and keep in mind… these are what I like to call “living” playlists. In other words, I actively listen to them add to them. If y’all have anything else you think I should add (or a playlist idea), slide into my DM’s @marierosecarlson with a Spotify link and I’ll give it a listen! Sharing music is my favorite. 🙂

Bad ass & single

This is for all women, at all times.

If you’re pissed at guys because you’ve been single forever and annoyed with dating or you’re newly single and getting over a break up, this is a mix of female empowerment and what I like to call “f*** you” jams.

You’re still not over your ex

…Or just sad about dating/life in general. This one is definitely slower than “boo u fuckboy” and more aimed at those early days post-break up. Does anyone else love to listen to sad songs when they’re already sad… just to feel more depressed? Listen too long and you might find yourself lost in a funk.

You’re head over heels

I think this one is pretty self explanatory… and even though this playlist still needs some work, it’s a pretty solid start. Love songs are always style, even though it’s been a minute or so since I’ve had some real inspiration for it.


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