If you’ve been connected with us on social media, you’ve probably seen or heard of Wanderlust Wine Company by now. So, why are we so obsessed? There’s no short answer, so read this but more importantly, check it out for yourself.

Meet the Founder: Sammy Lam

The first thing that you need to know about Sammy Lam, the Founder of Wanderlust Wine Company, is that he is always smiling and will give you a “let’s GOOOOO!” to almost any idea. He has been in the wine industry for over half a decade, working with wineries all over the country such as Infinite Monkey Theorem, Union Wine Company, and Chateau Ste. Michelle. While studying abroad, Sammy dreamt of a way to bring the wines he’d experienced internationally home. After a few years of continuing education and learning from the masters, he brought his dream to life: Wanderlust Wine Company was born.

What’s the Deal?

Wanderlust Wine Company is the world’s largest Wine on Tap facility, with up to 56 different wines from around the globe on tap at any given time. By keeping the wine in kegs, there is a 96% reduction in carbon footprint, as opposed to bottled wine. They’re located right off of I-35 on 6th Street in Downtown Austin, making the location easy to get to and venture from. They have indoor & outdoor seating, are dog-friendly (you know we love that), and have different (socially distanced) events such as live music and comedy performances. We can’t forget to mention that Wanderlust is also home to The Heel of the Boot, an authentic Southern Italian food cart that cannot be missed.

Why We Love It

Did we mention… SELF-POUR. WINE. ON. TAP?! Whether you’re like Michelle and describe wine as “white, pink, or red” or you consider yourself a connoisseur, there’s something really cool about a “choose-your-own-adventure” wine tasting experience. As a date spot, this is more original & interactive than grabbing a glass at the local bar or a fancy-schmancy wine bar. Bonus: You’ll impress anyone who hasn’t heard of the concept. Because you’re serving yourself and don’t have to commit to bottle(s) at a time, it’s easy to escape a bad date or just take an online date one sip at a time. The atmosphere is elevated, but casual… even @danielahanna68 approves. Watch the video to learn more and catch us giggling away, per usual.

Weekend Wine Down

Ward off your Sunday Scaries with us every Sunday at Wanderlust Wine Co. Sometimes we play games like Red Flag or Deal Breaker, and other times we’re just catching up on that week’s dates. Join us on Sundays starting at 5 PM and you could be featured!


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