There’s so much to do in Austin, but do you ever feel like you do the same thing every time you go on a date? Never fear, we interviewed Ashley, Austin Foodie of @ATXBrokeGirls to find out some fun and creative date ideas that won’t break the bank.

Bowling & Burgers at Westgate Lanes

Bowling will always be a classic, annoyingly cute date idea. Westgate Lanes is located on William Cannon (south Austin) and is a true Austin establishment. What’s even more impressive is that it’s also the home of Lebowski’s Grill, where you can get arguably the best burger in town.

Don’t let its humble exterior fool you; this is a fun and delicious date combo. Plus, if you visit on a Sunday or Monday night, it’s just $10 for unlimited bowling.

Favorite Happy Hours

Happy hour is always a fun date idea, especially for a first date. You can have a few drinks for social lubricant, and if you’re not feeling the vibe, it’s easy to just leave early. Alternatively, if things are going well, it’s simple to just spontaneously stay for dinner!


When? All night Wednesday, 5-6 PM Thursday & Sunday

Highlights: $5 apps and cocktails (with a kick!) in an adorably romantic spot.

Tips: Request outdoor seating

Bar Peached

When? 5-6:30 PM daily

Highlights: $6 specialty cocktails, $5 snacks, and VERY Instagrammable

Odd Duck

When? 5-6 PM daily

Highlights: Half off a ton of delicous apps!

Tips: This funky southern food is usually pretty pricey, but the happy hour prices are worth it.

Mozart’s & Red Bud Isle

Yeah, we know everyone goes to Mozart’s, but it’s an Austin staple for a reason. Mozart’s Coffee Roaster off of Lake Austin is a perfect spot for a date. It’s cute and casual, just grab a coffee and dessert. It’s also right along one of the most beautiful walking paths in the city (Red Bud Isle), so you can grab your coffee to-go and get your steps in, too!

Mount Bonnell & Dry Creek Cafe

This might be cliche and tourist-y, but Mount Bonnell is actually a great date idea. It’s a light hike (just don’t wear flip flops) and the view cannot be beat. Once you’re done with your walk, Dry Creek Cafe is a no-frills bar that’s just a quick drive down the hill and overlooks everything.


Cidercade is a brand new spot just off Riverside and i35 that has arcade games, pizza, drinks… everything we need as adults to re-live the “good ole days” when we were kids. For just $10, you get unlimited games so the only thing you pay for is food and drinks. The patio is gorgeous and overlooks Lady Bird Lake and downtown, and there are plenty of two-player games to bring out you or your date’s competitive side!

Sweet Spots

Who doesn’t love a delicious dessert? It’s always fun to add something sweet after a great dinner date, but these spots are also great as stand-alones.

Churro Co.

Four words: Churro with ice cream. Should I go on? Check out the food truck on South First for some delicious and sweet churro combos.


If you can pronounce this, please leave us the phoenetic spelling in the comments!

Regardless of the fact that none of us actually know how to pronounce Halcyon, it’s still a fun spot for coffee and drinks. The downtown location even has a DIY s’mores station that is perfect for two!

Bonus: Brunch at Taverna

You might have noticed that brunch isn’t covered on this list… but don’t worry, one of our listeners needed to know Ashley’s favorite brunch location and she did not disappoint. Taverna, located downtown Austin, is a super fun brunch spot but isn’t exactly what we’d consider a “cheap date,” but we do love their drink specials. Catch them during Sunday brunch for $2 mimosas and bellinis, or $12 for a carafe.

Do you have a fun date story from one of these spots?

We’d love to hear it! E-mail us at or slide into our DM’s on Instagram.

Listen to our full interview with Ashley on:

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